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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 1 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 1.
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Episode 1 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



Episode Name : The Branded Swordsman

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  • Hichem Zebboudj

    wtf did they do to this anime!!!!

    • GHOST

      It is not that bad stop complaining.

    • imperfektx

      made it modern and continued the story?

      • Madbrainbox

        No.Hellsing Ultimate is modern.Drifters is modern.
        And they did not continue the story of the original series.The original was made with no continuation in mind.

        • rudhvelyn

          What? You know its a manga right? That the golden age arc is actually not the focus and more the reason for guts being who and how he is

          • Madbrainbox

            You watched the anime right?How did they get out alive after the Eclipse if the Skull Knight wasn’t present in the show?Why they said in the first episode “it’s gotten worse since Griffith became king” considering Griffith still isn’t king?The original series was never made to be continued.
            And now they release this for the fans of the manga apparently because it is set in the middle of the story.But the fans of the manga are used with amazing quality work.This isn’t amazing quality work.It’s good enough.But there is room for so much more.Pity.

            But to be clear.I enjoyed the first episode and I wanna see more.

          • rudhvelyn

            Have you seen the movies? They remade the golden age arc in movie format and this is a continuation of that.

          • rudhvelyn

            But basically in the new movies skull knight is there and he does rescue them during the eclipse

          • Madbrainbox

            Can they put anymore barriers for the people who aren’t interested in the manga?
            I watched part of the 3rd movie after I watched the series because that ending made no sense.At all.After that I red the manga to get the whole picture.

          • Machwulf

            Welcome to BerserK! fandom.. Every path leads to the manga- and pain. It really seems designed to force those who become Fans to go pick up the original Kentaru works; from the first series WTF Cliff-JUMPING “ending” to filling in details / context of this series. Lucky for fans, the Manga remains THE best, definitive part of Berserk. Translated, Scanslated, whatever- it’s gorgeous fun

          • Madbrainbox

            Indeed.The manga is amazing.I don’t usually read manga but I red Berserk and it is awesome.

      • Hichem Zebboudj

        u call this modern???

    • GHOST

      fucked it up

  • GreyFox


    • Craig Jikumlambo

      you and I are a minority but yes it was epic, love the nightmare scene.

      • GreyFox

        I dont know why pepole are complainig.. i like it a lot! And i read all the manga untill 344. Yes its not follow the manga one to one.. but who wants this?! The Manga has manny scenes that wont work in a Anime.. the entertaining factor would suffering. Just my oppinion

        • EvilDogProductions

          I very much agree! And the visual style will get better with episode and the studio’s experience

  • Kamasaki Ling

    Love the opening episode! And the night scene and innocent sacrifice (shock)…… Really fit how despair, desperate and insane of Gut had go through from his past….
    I got 1 question mark here…. Why people can see elf at beginning? It only can see by certain people and after the event, right?

  • Gaurav Jaiswal

    Like the artstyle, miss the music of old berserk.

  • HIS NAME IS ADOLF LOOOOOL. i know where this is going >:D (jk)

  • Aldo Kurti

    I cant believe they putted the blood and gutts ost when i heard it i was fangasming all over the place

    • EvilDogProductions

      AH that’s the name of the recurring theme! Thanks! Such a good theme with all its variants!

  • fikioris vengeance

    Can’t say the 3D sucks. Can’t say that i don’t miss the old animation…But two things i can say are : I’m surely going to pay a lot of cash on the manga and… YESSS AT LAST!!! METAL IN BERSERK!!!!

    • GHOST

      its looks stupid
      its like watching a cut scene from a poor game ..

  • Honey Badger

    Stop complaining you cucks. I’ll take whatever Berserk I can get.


    fucking retards

  • Abhay DX

    Well,this has been a trainwreck!!

  • Yeah, the art direction is abhorrent, but the rest of it is well done.

  • DEPED Excalibur

    I loved every bit of it and cant wait for next episode, Berserk all the way!

  • magneteus

    I guess they’re trying to combine several arcs at once so they can move the series along at a faster pace. I would like to see the fight with the Count from the Black Swordsman arc, but no worries. I got so stoked when I heard “Blood and Guts” in the nightmare scene. Also, I have to say I’m so freaking happy that Puck has the “Chestnut” look! In the older series and movies they never really had the funny expressions that they had in the manga. Sure there are continuity differences but I’m pleased overall. Besides, Miura himself oversaw this new anime so I think it’ll be great.

  • Harley Teter

    It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but I do miss the original art style. The old music was miles better than this and that I’m allowed to say. The “fairy” sometimes looks like they skimped on its animation. Guts himself is a bit oddly proportioned in the face. His sword is immaculate however, absolutely amazing detail on that. Overall it’s fairly good. It needs polish yes, but it is a good start to continue the once masterful reign of Berserk.

    • Saden Warner

      just give it 2-3 episodes. they obviously are still new at CG. They will polish it up like the golden age movies in no-time.

      • EvilDogProductions

        the 3 movies improved such much with each one, I agree, they’ll get better at this! So happy with the new berserk

  • Karl Hawelui

    Jey Schierke!^^

  • Saden Warner

    It looks like moving manga. You can see the different shade lines which other anime doesnt do. I personally think it fits Berkersk

  • It’s no the same, very poor. A shame…

  • Jstep97

    So excited!!! Keep it up

  • Zenzero

    People are complaining because IT IS BERSERK.
    This adaptation started really bad, taking a plot with rushed-pace animated on awful CGI frames. Everyone are entitled to have their own tastes and opinions but the fact remains. This anime so far hasn’t been nowhere near the level of the manga. Complaints must be made in order to point out the flaws and to incentivize a better quality.

  • James Deveaux

    This isn’t your typical modern animation. Wish they would’ve just stuck with it.

  • Absolian

    you better do something easy (classic anime artstyle) and good, then hard (CGI) and bad!.
    they fail in both Artstyle and CGI tho i can get use to the artstyle with time.

    but im so glad to watch Berserk so i don’t give a fuck at this point.

  • Benjamin Witter

    I have a small issue with the scene of the zombie girl, this isn’t the first child he’s had to kill.

    • Machwulf

      That event was shocking in both manga & anime, seemed almost reflexive in that dark moment – and among the main catalysts for Guts striking out on his own. I know soldiers who’ve had to neutralize young IED-strapped combatants (brainwashed victims) to save fellow team – it truly F#cked their heads AND morale for years after. The sounds -effects & audio design are good in S2, but misses that haunting music

  • this prove griffith didn’t even spare the animation, he also sacrificed it D:

  • Marcos Gabriel Ortega

    yes finally second season

  • awesome happy i found this

  • Bad Mood

    They completely fcking ruined the anim ,gg u fcking genuises !!!

  • 5 Color Theory

    I think the twist in season 1 was the best ive ever seen, ive gotten 4 people into this anime by showing them the episode with the castle and the fortune teller


    It’s too much…
    Anymore of this and I will turn into gay myself (pls don’t do it to me).

    • Radovan Wolf

      2 l8

  • cake

    Dat Cleopatra nose tho

  • Ayman N. El Kady

    You know… they don’t seem so bad as people, except Griffith.

    • ivy

      That’s true

    • Dubbed

      The mind-reader should die in a flaming pit of death, maybe.

      • Ayman N. El Kady

        I hope she gets a good load of Guts hand canon to the face, wiping off that stupid smug expression.

        • Dubbed

          Someone I can agree with.

  • Aglas Decker

    Nice to have some relaxing chapters! not so dark but soon its rape time

  • ivy

    I get an angry yet sad feeling whenever I see Griffith. Angry, because of what he did, and sad, because once he was Guts’s best friend :/

  • Takeru

    We need some Kirke and Sonia spin off adventures.

  • mynamechef

    Irvine seems like another really interesting character, this arc is almost as good as the Golden Age Arc so far

  • Irvine is definitely my favorite apostle. Too bad it’s the enemy, I totally dig the type.
    Loved the last dialogue.

  • Saration

    I despite Sonia’s lack of awareness for any kind of situation… she never knows when to hold back and that makes her annoying 🙁
    Yet Irvine seems to understand her in a Way no one else does, he most likely is the best among the Apostles. i hope he is not proving me wrong and be all sinister and Evil in the End.

    • bored’n’bagged

      She did it deliberately because she is jealous of Charlotte. She knows exactly what Charlotte is feeling. Griffith does just enough to keep them all on side. Fucking bastard.

  • ChronoScale

    That Hunter dude seems like he has the same core characteristics as Guts

  • Neoyoshi

    I feel so bad for Guts, he always seems to meet the nicest people, and then the worst possible things happen to them.

  • Neoyoshi

    and about the Brand, if i were Guts i’d just carve out the piece of skin that holds the brand, and see if that works. xD

  • Gudgirl247

    Griffith’s perm is way out of control……

  • Serg

    Why does Griffith always stand by himself next to cliffs? Is it like Griffith designated area? This will make his army movement predictable. He can only go places with cliffs…


      I think the author does it to illustrate how aloof he is…He’s on a journey of conquest (alone) everyone else is just extras.. plus he’s probably thinking of his next move and other things..

    • Rashid Ruíz

      Like a hawk

  • Marlon Jardim

    I actually like Sonia. I can empathize with her loneliness and sense of displacement. It must’ve been really hard to have her powers and no one that could even accept her, let alone understand her. It makes sense that she likes Griffith so much, in a world that would burn you as a witch if they knew what you’re capable of, such a powerful “friend” must be very soothing to have.

  • tesoro

    Even the way Griffith eats cake is creepy.

  • Gilbert Cabrera

    Hunter , beasts?.. Bloodborne ..

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Yeah, Griffith seems really busy looking at nowhere in the top of a cliff.

  • not me

    nearly 3/4 of the way through

  • Dannah Rael Hartsock

    There are so many people saying that they like Sonia or that she’s just another girl falling for Griffith’s charm. I feel like she’s a manipulative bitch. I think it’s here eyes, I don’t trust her crazy eyes.

  • Rashid Ruíz

    What did Charlotte bake, a slice of tree trunk?

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