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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 10 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 10.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 10.
Episode 10 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



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  • Sabeji

    First Bitches! Let’s see what miracle Guts performs today!😊😇😁

  • GreenSea

    second fags suck a dick

  • Demagogue

    I just caught up to this episode. It wrecks me inside, that I have to wait till next Friday to find out what the hell is going to happen. With dramas like this, waiting is worse, than fluffy happy animes stories.

    The original Guts was probably in the Top 10 of all anime, and this one is pretty good as well, though probably in the top 1,000.

    • Jasmine Mason

      its hard for me to even watch the good anime because I read the manga first, berserk was great for its amazing art scenes, fight transitions, dialogue, whatever you come across first is going to make your best impression. Although I enjoyed the themes and really liked the dubbed which is somewhat unusual, the manga just details and encompasses everything fluidly. The first few chapters are kind of spoilers and Gattz in slightly different art from the rest of the series but I would read it anyway if I were you.

  • lol at the preview. it shows “k. Casca is safe now”

  • Dave

    Dude, when I saw the first 20 seconds of the video with actually drawn screens, it really felt like I was watching the old anime and just gave me a wave of happiness, I think that their team of animators and everyone else are starting to improve upon the beginning. I believe that within the next few episodes the anime will be actually like good quality if not its already this episode now. I legit believe that this anime will be good, because what I believe really matters is not the beginning but the ending because it really gives your last impressions on the anime and I believe that by then the anime will be great quality, IF they do get that far with this anime.

    • Jasmine Mason

      Im glad its just following the plot of the manga pretty damn well. I wish there was a smoother transition between the series and they skipped one of my favorite arcs the lost children….

  • AnimeLover

    does anyone else still like the older opening than this one?

  • AnimeLover

    When my Room Mate try’s to pull me out for his date while i’m watching berserk #sheldon

  • Pepe Slav #ToadSquad

    we should have dropped a third bomb on hiroshima


    And here he is!

  • David Gibbons

    He gonna whip all there asses…..Just like Luca.

  • ivy

    Yes, Guts finally came ^.^ I like Luca even more, now – she’s very brave

  • Urban Bourbon

    Not gonna lie, but I busted a nut when Guts showed up.

    • bored’n’bagged

      We all did man, we all did.



    • GreenShinobiX

      Watching Guts cut down those fucks was one of the most satisfying things in the manga so far.

      The poor horses were collateral damage.


    They arrest somebody just because some crazy mohers told them?
    Pure insanity. Good thing religion is slowly dying out nowadays.

  • Bat-mite

    too much skip in anime 2016

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