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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 13 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 13.
Watch Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 13 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 13.
Episode 13 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



Berserk (2016) series ended at episode 12.

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  • Irvin.Ascencio

    Spring 2017…You shall not escape your faaaate! HaHa.


    Well at least he can’t fly now.

  • Imran Esmail


    • kingblane

      you read 348 yet? its been out for a bit now

      • Imran Esmail

        Oh man… i’m not even started the magna. can you suggest where is best place for me to read them ?

        I just got into berserk last year. And how LUCKY i am that as soon as i learnt of the best series of all times, the second season was come out a few months later ! 😀 😀 I feel a little bit guilty.. lol

        • kingblane

          Page 1 chapter 1 you will not regret it but it is ALOT further in than the anime is at the moment if you want to know everything from start to here watch season 1 and the movies then the 2016 then then the new one coming in 10 or so days 😛

        • Smirnov

          Bro, if you’re so hyped for the anime, go read manga from start and you’ll realize what you’re missing 🙂 We get so little berserk nowadays even this new anime could be servicable. But oh booooy what a crap it is, compared to the original ;))

  • David Gibbons

    Yeah but he’s going to punch Guts a thousand times.

  • Aglas Decker

    The feather is mightier than the sword

    • sentient_potato

      but is it mightier then a hulking mass of metal

  • Nanites

    gomu gomu nooooo

    • MKUltra

      gear 5th

    • Dvir Arazi


  • Ellen Berzuela Alvarez

    i finish all the epesode but i dont see casca giving birth only flashback of guts nightmare.where i can watch casca giving birth

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