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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 2.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 2.
Episode 2 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



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  • Kakyoin

    Agh… FASTER!!!!!

    • AnimeLover

      Ikr this is me every time i wait one week for another episode |-▾-|

  • Sabeji

    I can’t wait until he guts Griffith. Real nice and slow-like. ??

    • Bray Munroe

      HEY! Isn’t this a spoiler? I HAVEN’T READ THE MANGA!!!! C’mon man don’t spoil Berserk, you could very well get decapitated for that.

      • MaybeCamping

        ive never read the maga but its guts’ only goal so i doubt its really a spoiler

        • Loopawn

          Actually i consider it a big spoiler because you should start with Golden Age and get the full surprise

          • Hank

            It hasn’t happend in the manga, dont worry.

          • Lucasnator2

            If they are here watching this anime then they should already know

          • Loopawn

            Berserk is pretty old and not well heard of I bet this anime is bringing in new fans

      • Sabeji

        Lmao naw cuz I’m saying I hope that happens. I haven’t even read the manga. I just hope he does something horrible to Griffith. Some truly sick shit.

      • Madbrainbox

        Read the manga.It’s really good.

      • Natural Harmonia

        Read the manga. This anime does not do it justice.

      • Lucasnator2

        If you havent read the manga then why are you watching this. Theres a couple arcs before this even starts

      • Joshua Pierre

        he hardly ruined anything, havent you seen season one, isnt it a no brainer whats going to happen? Oh na, he’s gonna kiss and make up, and save Griffith from his demonic possession… pfff na thats not what we want to see.

      • Kija Kenpachi


    • Tenshinhan23

      Not going to spoil it, but Griffith will become stronger and stronger whilst Guts will only face hardships 🙂

    • Andy Rad

      Until he “Guts” him 😀 lol

    • Darude Marc

      The anime skipped a shit ton of chapters in the manga. I suppose those chapters can be watched in the original anime of Berserk.

  • Zenzero

    I expected nothing and i’m still let down.

    • EvilDogProductions

      I expected a lot and I’m still super happy

  • Tomasz

    They fucked up, elf didnt mock guts when he was at the cage, no farnense’s nipples, no epic action at fight with holy iron chain knights D:

    • Andy

      I dunno, though there were some changes from the original, I still think they did a fantastic job in terms of execution. might just be because the source material was so great to begin with.

    • EvilDogProductions

      Those are minor things to be annoyed about

  • Knoodle

    Was that the count at the next episode preview? Wtf? Who was that?

  • Jstep97

    SOO gr8

  • SirChaos Amar

    Why censor an anime like Berserk… If you aren’t gonna make it as blunt as the Manga, just don’t F-ing bother, dumbasses

    • EvilDogProductions

      I prefer they do bother and censor whatever they need to censor. If you’d rather have no berserk then you’re a moron

  • Mathew Gleason

    what bullshit is this no nips?

    • EvilDogProductions

      There’s porn if you really need nipples

      • AnimeLover

        ok xD

  • Taran Casanova

    Still hate the graphics and the story is progressing way to fast. Its like the episode doesnt take enough time to build between characters before the next scene…..i still like it though. Guess us manga readers are expecting too much ?

  • EvilDogProductions

    Can someone explains how Lady Farneses downs Guts with the neck strike? Does Serpico throw a piece of wood to drop Guts guard? Why does that weak strike render Guts unconscious?

    • Kr1spness

      His body was going numb when he ran to her. He probably felt like he was going to pass out and needed a hostage to get away quick and that was just the straw that broke his back.

      • EvilDogProductions

        I wish they had presented that better, it was pretty wonky and unclear

    • James Deveaux

      I thought it was obvious to everyone. Yes, it was Serpico who brought him down. He threw a piece of wood at his injury on his leg. And they even made you focus your gaze on him as he held his arm up as if he just threw something. He’s probably just as focused and as skilled as Griffith was back in the day.

      • EvilDogProductions

        I assumed he threw it, but they don’t make you focus on a throw pose, he just has his arm up his chest, it’s a really bad pose,

  • Nilred


  • James Deveaux

    I guess the one thing they did good in this anime is the music. I really like it.

  • Absolian

    fml seems like we need to wait another 10-15 years for someone that will “adopted” Berserk Manga and make decent Anime or more then just 3 movies (love the Arc 1 – 2 – 3 but they can’t stop at 3)

    the graphics so bad!, the CGI artist need to find another job! srsly!
    still better then nothing at this point

    • AnimeLover


  • Kutogane

    When she went mental, the only thought in my head was “You’re only making him look cooler”

    • AnimeLover


  • GunbladeKnight

    *Minor Spoilers to those who didn’t read the manga after Season 1*

    Does anyone know what happened to Casca after Skull Knight saved them from the Eclipse? All I know is that she lost her memory due to mental trauma. But happens to her after that?


    Guts will just destroy all of those pillars…

  • Ayman N. El Kady

    I heard rumors and they were unfortunately right… the anime is shit compared to the manga, several ARCS are just skipped by and the 3D rendering is really bad, Guts doesn’t even look like Guts, Casca’s white for some reason, i hoped the anime would be just high level 2D animations like Attack on titan or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or, hell, the 3 berserk movies. The 1997 show is x100 better and it’s only still drawings with good direction … the director should be changed, they need to fix this in season 3, until then, back to the manga.

  • Ayman N. El Kady

    You gotta respect the wits on this one.

    • ChronoScale

      Not really, if he pushes the fight too far Guts will go berserk and smash all of the pillars, which will cave in the roof and kill them all.

  • Moorgan Kriis

    Casca is white….WHY

  • ivy

    Serpico is smart 😮

  • I wanted that fight but now I don’t want it anymore.
    I have a George RR Martin feeling.

  • Karma Tlaloc Estable

    The Seventh pages top left panel <3. Five towers in the background, four black, one (the tallest) white, with the four black pillars roughly the appropriate heights of four other beings we've seen in a group like that before, The God Hand is watching…

    • Serg

      Nice detail!

    • dr34mf0x

      ooooh shit!

    • Dvir Arazi

      Nice observation!

    • Griffourth

      🔍👀🕵🏼 my gawd!

  • Serg

    Columns? Did Serpy forgot the part where Guts is wearing magical armor that can turn him into unstoppable monster? That is even he wasn’t already a crazy strong murder death machine.

  • dimas

    is that alhambra palace ? in spain ? and latin name of all these people ? kushan like an arab / persian ? wow this story is gonna be good

    • bored’n’bagged

      The Collonade Chamber of the Vandimion Mansion is based on the Mezquita, the ancient Moorish mosque in the region of al-Andalus, now Andalucia in southern Spain.

      The Kushan Empire was an ancient northern Indian empire.

  • Wayan R Joseff

    please guts kill serpico please

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