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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 3.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 3.
Episode 3 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.

Episode Name : “Night of Miracles”



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  • Lord Niko =)


  • jabyou233
  • jabyou233

    i cant wait

  • James Deveaux

    So, women don’t have nipples in this anime?

    • EvilDogProductions

      I think it’s a japanese tv rule, I doubt they’d remove nipples if they didn’t have to,

      • EWOKM8?

        No nipples but demon horse rape is totally fine. Gotta love those Japanese lol

        • EvilDogProductions

          lol yeah, aren’t all censor rules like that though? huge double standards, always

  • James Deveaux

    The women in anime are always the psychos. Why are they made to lead others?

  • I’m Watch n you bums

    A lot of people were bash n this anime for it’s art.But the story is so damn good u forget all about it!

    • Dylan

      That’s because its story just comes from the manga and honestly this is a super rushed version of it you miss so much. So using the story is an excuse not to focus on the art is laughable especially if you seen how amazing the actual manga art is to this.

      • james weeks

        they cant afford it! and since your all stealing anime thats why piracy crippled the anime industry animation companies fell apart no one can afford to do this shit your lucky it exists at all

        • Dylan

          So explain why you are on this website? Don’t act all high and mighty when you are using this site too. This is the third episode is this series so you didn’t just stumble upon this.

  • Chief General

    yea Casca’s alive but she’s lost her tan…

    And Geralt of Rivia vs Guts… who would win??

  • Byron Tsimentas

    Looks like they’re gonna cut off the entire part with the count and Zondark and it hurts my soul 🙁

  • Mnemon Deckard

    come on that last scene was so poorly done. Point was that Serpico tried to capitalize the moment of Gatts turning his back on him. Serpico isn’t nearly as strong as Gutts but he has witts and that’s how he fights. The whole point is dismissed in this rendition.

    • EvilDogProductions

      you guys are way too clingy with the manga, this scene here clearly established serpico’s skill and style, just cause it’s done differently in the manga doesn’t invalidate the development we see here

  • le minou

    wtf was that. Not the horse rape but the art??! it’s like the only part that wasn’t CGI and literally 2 FPS and then her neck snapped backwards


    Wtf dude just use your big ass sword and impale it somewhere.

    • Ayman N. El Kady

      … Impale a giant cloud of lightning with a sword? hardly seems like a smart move.


        I meant impale it in the ground so lightning couldn’t hit him.

        • Ayman N. El Kady

          Seems he took your advice.

          • PERMABANNED – WEST 29 LVL

            Good thing I told him what to do.

          • In a realistic physical world, still useless. The passage of electricity through the armor would make it boiling hot. It’s even a worse death.

          • Saration

            Hey Dude, this is Berserk!, and realism… is over there!

          • Hmmmm, sure… but not so much. If it’s about overpowering nature and physics there are many more manga and anime that are light years far away from Guts. And that is a good thing.

  • Aglas Decker


    • Eneru, imho one of the best villains of OP

    • Dvir Arazi

      It’s Poseidon mythical zoan

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    What is Griffith doing when Guts is fighting all his enemies, just looking at the horizon every now and then while worshiped by his soldiers

    • It’s a bit awkward but I got this image in mind of Griffith’s curly hair became afro after the lightning attack

      • ivy

        Lol xD


        Griffith: “No.. gayness.. too.. STRONG”!!

    • LeoricTheFallen

      Pretty much what he wanted.

    • Dvir Arazi

      Guts and Kushan Cloud King should team up to dethrone Griffith

    • Timmathy

      doing gay stuff

  • Gato Magico

    so sad how guts always hear hawks this, griffith that, and hes like the only one who knows him and know what about da

  • Randy S.

    I know it…. it’s an india lamguange….

  • Amit Kulkarni

    Vir-vadana, kshatriya, vayu, durga, pishacha — I like how they’ve used the correct Sanskrit words, even though they could’ve gotten away using any fake, Indian-sounding words.

    Feels good to see someone going that extra mile, unlike most movies and TV series (eg, that fake shit from House MD).

  • Marlon Jardim

    It sucks being Guts: when he finally defeats a strong opponent there comes an even stronger one without giving him any rest. He hasn’t even completely healed his wounds since he used the berserker armor for the first time. Just give the man some rest, will ya?

  • 2dicks1cup

    Ah this old feeling.. when guys overcomes a new challenge & puts all on the table ,succeeds.. then worn out as he is after it a new bigger challenge comes right in as he tries to gain a breath back. Hopelessness carries the manga & it’s so beautiful 😌

  • not me

    gets struck by lighting… zero fucks given

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