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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 4 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 4.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 4.
Episode 4 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



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  • Craig Jikumlambo

    LUCA !!! my babe girl <3

  • EvilDogProductions

    That was amazing!!! Totally felt like a berserk episode! Can’t wait to see what people find to complain about now lol

    • rawrulez

      they still do its fkn annoying 12 hours till ep 5 im dying…

      • EvilDogProductions

        haha waiting for the episodes is torture

  • ErebusAzar

    very nice, love how they call back events in the past without having a giant ass flashback

  • Lamar Henry

    whats wrong with casca? why was she acting like that.

    • Randy Marsh

      She lost her mind when she was raped by griffith. And after seeing all her friends killed. That was brutal too. Guts watched her get raped.

      • EvilDogProductions

        Wow…a simple watch the first season would have worked too.

        • rawrulez

          LOL ya that part is scarring … jesus

      • Lamar Henry

        Omg I so totally for got that bastard did that to her and she was sooooo infactuated and in loved with him so by him raping her and seeing all that it fucked her up so bad awwwww poor casca I feel so sorry for her this. New season is the shit !!!!!

    • Hichem Zebboudj

      watch the movies

      • Lamar Henry

        I forgot that little bit of the story it was so long ago but I watched all the movies… Toward the end of season 1 actually explains why….

  • Mattue-kun

    Lol! Casca looked like she was retarded

    • EvilDogProductions

      She is, don’t you know what happened to her? Watch the season 1

      • rawrulez

        ya but shes drawn like a different character completely almost.

    • rawrulez

      this is the only thing i agree with. casca looks fkn weird. even considering i got over the new animation she looks fkd upppppp

  • Mnemon Deckard

    Definitely better than the last one. They stayed true to Manga on this one. Just feel lil rushed and Gutt’s voice acting is bit off.

  • BigBadBossMan

    Is it just me or is the music theme for the preview of next episode better than the intro or conclusion themes?

    • EvilDogProductions

      the preview is more in-anime, the intro and ending are just songs, they’re not “soundtracks”, know what I mean? Same with the old series and most anime

  • Lil’ Nigga Honey Badger

    Guts face looks kinda weird in this version but whatever. I’ll take whatever Berserk I can get.

    • Madara_ Uchiha


  • William Glass

    I still can’t get over the crappy animating id rather have the original series animation style, but that can’t be helped i love the story so far though!

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      i think the original animating style was drawn but theyre trying cgi this time

  • Adım Soyad

    This anime version moves just much faster than the manga !!!! Many details are gone !!

  • John Shao


  • Morgan Auger

    I’m not gonna hate on people enjoying this new anime but, for me It’s so frustrating. I thought it had so much potential and actually enjoy the animation style however they flip between accurate and not even close so many times it drives me mad. Some might say:

    ‘why hug the manga’s balls so much’

    That’s the fucking story.

    It only go’s one way. It’s not open to be interpenetrated in the slapdash way this anime has been handling it. The characterization is off, the voices are less than they were in the past and the animation fucks up so many times. Removing the Count arc was to be expected but to removed the Fairy arc, one of the best in the series is ridiculous. I can only assume the reason this is such a shit show is because of a limited idea of their resources to make this. Like, they knew they could/were going to but, did not know how many episodes or to what extent they could make it. Gut’s barely acts like himself, more like a typical anime anti-hero with shared lines of dialog for the source material. In the end it’s always:

    ‘well don’t watch it then. Go read the books again.’

    And any hardcore fan of anything will always have problems with people appropriating their favorite stories but, I had high hopes so that’s why i’m so bugged. How or why the creator signed off on this I have no idea.

    In the end it’s nice to have more Berserk finally coming. Miura seems to be getting back on track with his monthly releases and the new game (though nothing amazing I’m sure since: Musou) will be fun. This anime even just helps the ball to continue rolling so we can eventually see the inevitable ending. Enjoy the future episodes everybody.

    • rawrulez

      stfu no anime is so close to the manga. manga and books are for the entirety of the story, anime and movies cant possibly grasp everything. you do realize its only fkn episode 4??? I think they did an amazing job with guts hes cold sadistic emotionless and black and white in his decisions. might as well complain about how much stuff they missed in the lord of the rings movies.

      • Morgan Auger

        Guts is no where even in the realm of emotionless, that’s one of the big things they got super wrong that makes him come off so cliche in this. Well obviously you love this anime so, enjoy the sad hack job that is Berserk 2016.

        • rawrulez

          w.e u say, hackjob lol literally guts sword. badass af.

  • Draco Magnius

    Poor Casca, she used to be so strong and now she’s a broken shell of her former self.

    • TheKooa

      yeah she got white all of a sudden

      • Draco Magnius

        I was actually talking about her current mental state not how she suddenly got lighter skin, but that is true too I guess.

  • Bloody Macbeth

    Do they ever stop introducing super annoying female characters?


    Puck the elf king.

  • Tgreat1

    What the hell is Puck’s face supposed to be, Link?

    • Aglas Decker

      Look for Treasure Island or Takarajima 🙂

      • Luis Roberto Garza Santisteban

        Never seen it but I understood the barrel reference thanks to treasure planet lol

    • David Gibbons

      That’s what I thought. Like a surprised Link.

    • ivy

      I was thinking the same thing

  • cake

    Wait, so he knows his fiancé wants to NTR him with Guts and is okay with it? What a candyass beta.

    • sentient_potato

      even more of a cuck then serpico

      • ivy

        Not wanting to fuck his sister doesn’t mean Serpico is a cuck, it means he’s a normal person

        • HotLine Sanzensekai

          But she doesn’t know, it’s fine then.

    • somahiro

      roderick is in for the lulz

  • Aglas Decker

    Takarajima reference wouldn’t expect that on this manga but it brought back good old memories.

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    That treasure island shout out 😂 Is Puck hard to draw we’re getting less and less of his original design

    • 櫻井悟

      I was thinking the same, lol.

    • 🍐 simple pear 🦎

      weird. i also thought this reading this particular chapter…

  • LeoricTheFallen

    OST – Earth starting playing the 2:30 part while Guts said “let’s go up. It’s dark down here.” and they were all celebrating. The OST’s sometimes line up I tell ya’!

  • Holden

    Guts is the boss-man

    • Κωνσταντίνος Καρανικολάου

      The Big Boss

      • AlieNDronE 47

        Only thing missing is the beard..

      • YoshikageDragon

        If you think about it, Big Boss and Guts both have tragic pasts, lost their right eyes and are anti-heroes. Maybe the Phantom has an artificial arm to complete the picture

  • somahiro

    beautiful chapie

  • Urban Bourbon

    Remember the good old days when Puck wasn’t just the comedic relief?

    • What is the truth?

      Man, I’ve been bingeing this manga for the past few days and I feels like it’s been a while.

  • Timmathy

    Man, pucks getting annoying

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