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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 5.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 5.
Episode 5 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



Episode Title: “The Tower of Conviction”

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  • John Zammit


  • Jack

    3d shit, so irritating… its like clone wars (animated). some people may like it, the majority hate it

  • Taylor Drapela


  • Nilred

    The animation is just pathethic.

    • Lil Nigga Honey Badger

      It’s not that bad

    • Thee_One1


  • Nilred


  • Kushans in this episode have blank eyes. Looks at Guts, he fixes the Kushans, making them get their iris eyes back 😛

  • GreenSea

    loved it

  • James Deveaux

    Well, if there’s one thing they did right with this new series, it’s the music. I love it.

  • James Kapusta

    Despite all the negative feedback I’ve read about this anime, I decided to watch it for myself. Surprisingly, I like it a lot so far, and I’ve read every chapter of the manga that’s out so far, and watched every episode of the original anime. I wonder if I have low standards.

  • GunbladeKnight

    Too bad there’s no nipple exposure anymore… That used to be a sexy bonus to the series… T_T

  • GunbladeKnight

    We demand Berserk to Unleash the TITAAAYYYZZZ NAAAWW. #Freethenipple

  • K-NAIN

    Deus Vult


    So what if they sacrificed their most beloved to become ugly monsters?
    So what if they are raping, killing and eating humans?
    So what if they are evil to the core?
    If we are fighting beside Griffith (the worst of them all) it’s alright.
    Logic… FUCKING logic.

    • nadinucca

      Well, she does think that he’s mankind’s savior… And Griffith has been managing to fool everyone so far.


        Ik but it’s still annoying af.

        • Jade

          😂😂😂 Bosss

      • 櫻井悟

        I think Sonia is the only one who really knows stuff.

        • DenDDD

          If so, I bet she wishes she was in Casca’s place.

    • cake

      >implying anyone knows that

      • Sergio Soto Iraola

        permabanned is funny in most chapters, but he also comments really obvious stuff sometimes smh

    • Takeru

      Well… despite everything Griffith is protecting the population of the kingdom. He may do evil things to rich his goal, but haven’t kings done the same? He may cold, calculated, heartless but what would happened to this kingdom without him? Those knights wouldn’t stand a chance and all women would be raped by Kushan demons. He is also keeping the demons in his army in check – they are not harming people. He is uniting people: giving hope, meaning to the weak and controlling the wicked ones.
      Isn’t he a good king from a certain point of view?

      • True dat.
        A king once said “A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward.”

      • El ViejoHG

        You just wait

      • Sonimarioboom

        Well most kings don’t murder everybody they loved and abandon emotions and humanity entirely to become a king, and in their last moments of emotion, raping his best friend’s woman right in front of him corrupting their child into a demon abomination.

        He isn’t protecting the people to help them, he’s doing it to be king. Like Guts said earlier, people want to follow a man who fights for his men, not for something else. Griffith has killed off his entire army to become what he is. So clearly he’s failing in that subject greatly.

        The demon army is still killing people, even if it’s aimed slaughter, it’s still slaughter. They’re still taking lives regardless of who. Just because a nation uses them doesn’t mean they aren’t disturbing. Especially when we know that the end goal is an age of darkness. Is this fighting really for a good cause?

        I’m sorry but defending Griffith always involves forgetting certain details. Overall, stop trying to defend Griffith. You can’t defend that man. It’s not a case of getting the right argument, no, he’s a literal demon king who’s done many atrocities who’s going to bring an age of darkness upon the world.

    • Dubbed

      Monsters are the actual good ones in this story.

      The only bad ones are Griffith and Sonia.

    • ivy

      I agree, but I don’t think that Sonia knows all that. It’s like she’s being brainwashed and fooled by Griffith


        Yeah that is the main reason why she is so annoying.
        Talking while she doesn’t know shit.

        • Cristian David

          It’ll be funny when she finds out hehe (and probably falls in love with guts…too)

  • MKUltra

    I just get the reference that Ganishka = Judas. He’s an apostle that rebelled against god isnt it?

    • Magusar

      Tha would imply that Griffith is Jesus, instead he is de devil, the one that comes as an angel of light.

      • DenDDD

        How do you know Jesus isn’t devil?

        • Serg

          Popping some real questions O_O

      • Maka Moreno

        They say winners write history. What if god was a tyrant god and Lucifer was the only one that could see his real face?

  • LeoricTheFallen

    Griffith isn’t hurting people with what he’s doing though. Despite sacrificing the previous Band of the Hawk members, it was to pursue his end goal of having his own kingdom.

    • Magusar

      Really? Guess what? He could have end this fight from the very beggining, hecl he could have prevent the attack on Vrittanis! He is no defending anyone, he just want the chaos to exist so that everyone can see him as their saviour! He is a child playing war while saying “love me, people! LOVE ME!”

  • Sephora

    I know the manga was a lot more explicit in Casca’s mind-break, but damn, there’s just something extra terrible about hearing her voice now compared to before. You’d never get that out of the manga.

  • El ViejoHG

    Humans? Demons? Doesn’t matter as long we remain sacrifices to Griffith!

  • taylormc1313

    The sound when someone barely touches Guts blade is soooo obnoxious.. lmao

  • dr34mf0x

    Yeah, if only you’d been there to inspire the real band of hawk Griffith

  • Morizaya

    Pls rape that little bitch

  • not me

    this is some good shit

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    I think Sonia is trying to take the place of worst character in Berserk from Nina.

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