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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 6 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 6.
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Episode 6 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



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  • Sabeji

    Oh shit. First

  • spyros316

    Booooring episode nothing cool happens coolest thing is skull kings or skull knights appearence sorry for not knowing his name

    • you just said his name lol “skull knight”. yeah i admit, it’s a boring episode :S i wish they made a quick skipping and get to the part where guts fights mozgus. man, i can’t even wait for new manga chapters and i hope to see guts vs the new band of hawk

  • James Deveaux

    This was not worth the wait. I wanted more story with Guts. Just watching these psycho cultists do their crazy shit was boring as hell.

    • Mister Acorn

      These “psycho cultists” aren’t much different from mainstream religious folks in reality too. It is great seeing the parallels drawn with our world and the world of berserk. How distinguishing the religious from the demonic is almost impossible. These episodes are necessary to really illustrate the depravity and injustice in their world, so when Guts goes and rips it apart it really is more powerful and meaningful.

    • Azrael87

      When I first read this part in the manga, it did feel kind of out of the blue and I did think it felt a little indulgent. However, the anime actually did a good job speeding through it quickly while getting the point across. That part could’ve taken up waaaay more of the episode if they’d wanted it to.

      It does have relevance overall though. The story has never just been about Guts. The goings on of the nation (and surrounding nations) and its people are pretty relevant to the direction of the story. This cultist and religious stuff in particular is pretty relevant to Guts because it’s very relevant to Casca, who he’s searching for. There’s been boatloads of foreshadowing where this is headed, but I won’t spoil anything.

      EDIT: Just to be clear with that last sentence, I wasn’t criticizing you in any way for NOT getting the foreshadowing that’s present, but rather just making the point that there’s a plan in the story and evidence of that scattered through the episodes. It’s super obvious in hindsight, not necessarily the first time through.

      • EvilDogProductions

        If it’s just action people say it’s lacking development, if it has development people are like “booooring” haha I don’t get them, this was a fantastic episode!

        • James Deveaux

          I did say “story”. I didn’t say I particularly wanted to see more action from Guts. But if Guts is a part of it, then it’s just not boring. That simple.

          • EvilDogProductions

            I like to watch the world Guts lives in, not just Guts all the time. And that cult is Casca’s storyline, didn’t find it boring at all. but I respect your point of view, I just don’t understand it

    • Bloody Macbeth

      Agreed. I want to see Guts murder apostates not watch whiny girls spank each other and act retarded.

  • EvilDogProductions

    Loved it, it developed the lore of this world. Also heard some really good low key tracks that really felt like Berserk.

    • Bloody Macbeth

      Bullshit. You just liked the spanking you creep.

  • John Shao


    • Lil Nigga Honey Badger

      Disembowel yourself

      • Bloody Macbeth

        Says the guy who probably wanked to the spanking.

  • Lil Nigga Honey Badger

    If they can show Harambe’s nipples on tv, they should be able to show a woman’s full breast #freethenips #dicksoutforharambe

  • James Kapusta

    Breasts are censored but they show people getting cut in half and other awful stuff. O_o

    • Loke Ho

      not really you can clearly see them a few episodes back

      • Krakolio

        They didn’t have nipples.

  • Marcos Gabriel Ortega

    Man that looks like the Spanish Inquisition but God doesn’t want people to suffer, man brought suffering to the world by sinning but God, redeemed man by sending Jesus Christ to be the ultimate sacrifice for atonement of our sins so we could have eternal life in the new earth he will prepare after everything concludes.


    Puck don’t let him die!

  • ivy

    Ah, I just remembered that Puck doesn’t really know that much about Guts. He hardly knows anything, actually. I hope Guts will open up to him someday

  • Druffy Spinkilingus

    Put those genitals away! You’re making me envious! ‘-‘

    • lil manny

      nah im on that level

  • Insanity

    poe reference, nice

  • MessageBoardShadow

    Always carry a can of deet

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