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Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed

Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 7.
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You are watching Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 7.
Episode 7 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2016.



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  • John Doe

    First, or it didn’t happen ^^

  • Sabeji

    I’m in this bih😂😂

  • the way Casca is screaming sounds like she’s possessed lol

  • Rayetsu Tanzen

    Now that’s the kind of episode I could wait weeks for!! Pure AWESOMENESS!!

  • Rune Bøndergaard

    Shit just hit the fan! GUTS!

  • EvilDogProductions

    AAAWWW YEAH what an awesome episode. I don’t like the kawai anime moments but they’re in the manga so I respect that!

  • Tomasz


  • g el

    The interplay between Isidoro and Puck was hilarious! Also Guts’ entrance is ALWASY THE SHIT!!! I NEED MORE OF THIS NOW!

    • Guts + Hai yo bgm = someone is fcked :v

      • g el

        did anyone else die at 18:40 L o l

      • NegativeEdgeGaming

        I was so done when that happened! Hype Rage off the roof!!!

  • I’m Watch n you bums

    Laughed as Isidoro handed her his Coat to cover her up as he covered his Boner lol

    • Bloody Macbeth

      Yep. Thats the only mindset that would like this new berserk. “Hyuck hyuck I saw a boner. Hehehehe. Boner..hehe. I love this show hehe”. Faggot.

      • I’m Watch n you bums

        Shut yo bum ass up.Faggot?u must b a bitch made mf if that’s the 1st insult u can come up with.Tough over the Internet but a pussy in real life and you don’t get pussy pussy.Get off my Dick Bum!

      • I’m Watch n you bums

        And ps ya mama should’ve swallowed u

    • Chris Groom


      • I’m Watch n you bums


        • Chris Groom

          Says the guy who laughs at boners.

          • I’m Watch n you bums

            Who tf r u to judge anybody?foh bum

  • NegativeEdgeGaming

    Now rhis was the Beserk we all loved!

    Que BGM “Hai HOOOOOoooooooo……..” Guts jumps in like Batman chopping people and horses in half!

  • nayton

    Seeing guts’ entrance always gives me goosebumps.

  • Swen Karssen

    finally a bearable episode. Decent framework and not as much pan shots. So glad the show is improving.

    • Chris E

      Indeed! It was a fucking slog through shit to get here. Worth it for that entrance though…

  • I heard Blood and Guts theme techno version lol

  • rawrulez

    badass af

  • Lamar Henry

    YASSSS this show is fucking me up soo good!!!!!!! i cant wait until the next episode!!!!

  • Katija Martinić

    LOVE IT! i take back all bad things i said about season 2. This episode redeemed for everything! And when Gutts sliced those knights i was happy as fuck

  • Dan

    One of the best episodes so far in season two.

  • Bloody Macbeth

    This new berserk is almost unbearable. Theres only about 10 minutes of new stuff each episode and the rest is clips we already watched in the last pathetic episode. And then there are the credits at the beginning and the end. I wouldn’t even consider Guts a main character anymore. Fuck this shit I am done.


    Damn that dying old man is unstoppable.

  • ivy

    Aw, Rickert and Erica have grown. It’s sad that Godo is dying, but, his last words were very true. I just hope Casca is okay.

  • Jhulia Rodriguez

    Cmon this all happened because Griffith decided to fuck the princess, still sooner or later he would sacrifice everyone for the sake of his dream.

    • Adonis Price

      Maybe. If the running thing that destiny is indeed unavoidable is true, that’s the case.

      • bored’n’bagged

        Miura-sensei implies that it is avoidable. When confronted with his fate, Griffith embraced it. When Guts is confronted with death, Apostles, spirits that plague his sleep, a beast consuming him from within, he always fights it and always cheats causality. There was not one single act that sealed Griffith’s fate, he always choose a path that aligned him with the Idea of Evil and brit him to the Godhand.

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