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Berserk (2017) Season 3 Episode 12 Subbed

Berserk (2017) Season 3 Episode 12.
Watch Berserk (2016) Season 2 Episode 12 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Berserk (2016) 2 Episode 12.
Episode 12 of the TV Anime Series Berserk 2017.



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  • Patriot Player From PH

    hey hey, does it mean we have to wait next winter for another episode?

    • Sam Bishop-Taylor

      I surely hope not. That wasn’t a great episode

      • Julio Fetter

        It was a bad disguised filler, actually.

        • Lpwn Wolf

          Technically it’s not filler when you’re just following someone else’s already published story, step by step. They didn’t write it, after all.

          • Julio Fetter

            He could choose not to “follow” this path.
            Fillers for me are episodes that doesn’t agregate for the story itself.
            What is most funny is that this episode was the better animated one, even though it was the most useless for the whole plot.

          • Aziz Braham

            with a little effort, we can see the plot is also being worked on in this episode as well. the fact that two members of the “new band of the hawk” are wandering around in that city looking for a “witch” is very odd. even more when we consider that they were there to recruit her (keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer). this episode also helped developing the character of schierke to some extent (strenghthening her bond with her new friends, getting to witness the ugliness of the human world from up-close)

            a good episode indeed, and as a reader of the manga i can say that in this series there is absolutely no bad episodes. we either get action, charachter developement, or amazing plot twists. fan service doesn’t exist in the world of berserk and that’s what i love about it.

    • Wood servers burned down

      24 episodes confirmed

  • Andy Rad

    OMFG!!! The 2D animation towards the end looked AMAZING!!! Please, if they did it like this through the whole series, this would truly be a masterpiece and THE BEST anime in my opinion! Let this be known! The developers need to know this feedback!

    • Victor

      Last seconds of the season were in 2d for a reason. Here is hoping that reason is the entire next season.

  • mo

    2D at the end was the best looking thing in this whole anime, the best part of their anime and they put text over it, and why does this anime feel like everyone is reading their lines as fast as they can, give us some time between lines.

  • Ace of Chaos

    That 2D was stellar. Seriously. Remake it in 2D. The 3D is garbage and not well fitting for berserk. Read the Manga and you’ll completely understand what I mean.

  • Sergeant_Mark_IV

    This was a pretty descent episode if compared with some of the utter garbage of the previous episodes. I hope things will get better on next season. Maybe they are starting to get things right.

    • Gabriel Vitor

      well buddy I don’t like to be a dick but … if I were ya … I wouldn’t be so hopeful … well I bet we won’t get the 4th season in near future … if we actually do it will be awesome … but with my own experience with Berserk I wouldn’d be so hopeful about a now season next year.

  • Jack

    that was the best episode so far. a pity for everyone who is thinking the story will continue. at the pace berserk is going right now berserk will end earliest 20 years from now. dont expect the next season to come in the near future

    • TheKooa

      yeah like i started reading the manga and then i realized it got like 12 thousand pages

  • haha only griffith isn’t 2D at the end xD

  • Julio Fetter

    In the whole season, the only quality animation episode they made, was a Filler.

  • TheKooa

    Can guts even sleep at a tavern? with all those demons and all

    • Lpwn Wolf

      He’s and Casca’s got the ward of Schierke on them that more or less prevents the weaker spirits from doing their usual thing.

  • By any means im getting in!!

    I’m in love 😍 with this Anime.The Greatest Anime Story of All Time!

  • Ellen Berzuela Alvarez

    where can i watch that casca is given birth?i only watch at the season 2 guts nightmare.but i want to watch the whole about casca’s giving birth.

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