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Berserk Episode 1.
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Episode 1 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • costlertrak


  • Super Sand Lesbian



    Looks like Serpico is full aware that Guts can kill them all at any moment.
    I bet this arabic old man is high as fuck.

    • nadinucca

      I like Serpico. Nice smart guy.


        I also.
        Nigga knows what he is doing.

        • Gustavo Torrico

          Seriously I laugh at every comment you post

          • PERMABANNED – WEST 29 LVL

            I’m glad there is no better praise for me <3

          • somahiro

            Been enjoying your shitposting since chapie one , thank you for your hard work

          • PERMABANNED – WEST 29 LVL

            Glad I helped.

          • somahiro

            Still helping, i’m at 278 right now, good to see you keeping up

          • PERMABANNED – WEST 29 LVL

            Things are already done.
            My comments are already written until the very end.
            Enjoy your way to heeeeeeell.

    • Barto Da Cannibal

      Looks more Indian than Arabic.

      • Kushan always been a mix between them as reference, and mythology.
        A shady cocktail of Zoroastrianism and Induism.
        On the other side, Midland netherworld has a lot of old judaism into it.
        The Qliphoth is the reverse tree life of Cabala, and his pivots are the archdemons that rules their respective areas of sin.

    • Gato Magico

      hes high but lit, thats funny

    • fancy

      meh more indian than arabic the hindu shit on the boat does not look arabic at all


        Uuh the hookah pipe/ shisha the guy is smoking is definetely Arabic but the ones who don that name today are not the original just eyesores

        • bored’n’bagged

          We wear turbans and smoke hookah in India too man. Kushan are modelled on Indian mythology. Miura-sensei has the Kushan speech bubbles in hindi devanagari script. The words like pishaca (mythical man eating demon) and harashada are sanskrit. Daiba calls guts the honorific “durga kshatriya” which means warrior of the goddess of death. It is in honour of his fighting style since


            Haha that’s interesting I don’t know too much specifics in Indian heritage… That was never the argument to begin with.. all I can attest to is that the hookah pipe although true has been part of a sub-culture of India for a long period of time, it DIDN’T originate from India and the latest known instances traces it from the Persian kingdom… but you have imparted some knowledge to which I still appreciate my friend…

          • bored’n’bagged

            Yeah man Persians need credit for being amazing. Everyone needs to take a lesson in Iran; forget all this fantasy manga stuff, Iran has an incredible history that makes manga seem like kiddy stories. That place is like a living legend.

          • ScurrFace

            Kushan Empire does definetly not seem arabic to me. Persian you could argue but not really,..
            To me as a European its seems 80percent Indian and 20 percent Turkic

  • ivy

    Oh cool, that guy was smoking argile

  • Saration

    Berserker Armour and Guts strugglingwith it sure promises to get a lot of Story in the Future 😉

    • Sonimarioboom

      Already a huge part of the story so far is his struggle with his inner monster. Just a lot more literal right now in the manga.

  • Serg

    You know Serpico is serious when he actually opens his eyes.

    • HotLine Sanzensekai

      Kinda like Pinpin.

  • Griffourth

    Some of these beautiful pages make me shed tears of joy, anguish ,confusion etc

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