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Berserk Episode 10.
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Episode 10 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Charlotte is gaaaaaaay.

    • David Gibbons

      I think your joking right. You see when a mommy, and daddy love each other very much….


        No, no, no. Their love is one sided. Griffith doesn’t give fuck about Charlotte. Even when he was still human he didn’t give fuck. He only needed her because it was the fastest way to become a king and now he needs her again because of the very same reason. He cared about Guts much more and he still does more than about Charlotte hahaha LMFAO.

        • Balint Szabo

          that technically makes griffith the gayest character in the whole manga.

          • Dubbed

            Griffith did let a man have his way with him just to get higher in life. So, technically he is the gayest.

        • YatoNation

          well said well said

        • Sonimarioboom

          Part of Griffith’s biggest mistake was because he cared about Guts too much, sure. But one of his biggest reasons for doing the demon stuff is to let go of Guts and he looks pretty damn successful at it… I also don’t see why Charlotte is gay still.


            She bi-confused… she even said that he looked like a woman until she heard him spoke… she only TRULY knew until after he gave her STDs

    • dr34mf0x

      good for her im so glad berserk is embracing such a progressive character

      like comment and sbscribe if oyu support charlotte’s gay love for griffith

  • ivy

    Charlotte really misses Griffith. Too bad he’s become a terrible person ._.

    • Saration

      Edit: He was, is and ever will be a terrible person… cause he is a motherfuckin’ egomaniac! -.-

      • HotLine Sanzensekai

        Edit²: He was, is and ever will be a good person… cause he is a motherfuckin’ loving and caring man! -.-

    • Kevin1214


  • Takeru

    The Emperor seems to be Ahriman.

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