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Berserk Episode 11.
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Episode 11 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Wow he fused himself with horse and is looking like some robot from future.

    • cake

      Or a pokemon

      • Rashid Ruíz


  • ivy

    That was disturbing o-o

  • Vegeta

    that shiny metal cunt is far creepier than any of the demons

  • Pyro Nagus

    Wow…he looks like something I drew as a kid. Except mine was less metallic and gay, more like a giant bug.


      Lool this killed me.. gawd damn

  • Saration

    everytime this Demonfilth is callin’ themselfes “Band of the hawk” i want to shut his mouth with a crowbar… -.-

  • Gato Magico

    dianamon is that you? they are digimon now o wt?

  • Druffy Spinkilingus

    And they stumbled into a net filled with mutant female genitals…..

  • somahiro

    Claymore vibe

    • Serg

      Oh yah! Totally Claymore.

  • Serg

    Great. Demon babies. Of course.

  • Marlon Jardim

    Have you noticed how almost all of the women in this manga are “hot”? It bothers me quite a bit that there’s no diversity whatsoever.

  • I’m bothered that the even the pregnant women in this manga maintain sexy yoga instructor bodies despite being with child…

    • Aavery Wake

      I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t too far long into the pregnancy I think since it becomes a demon it just tries to get out of her in the fastest way it can which is through her

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