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Berserk Episode 12

Berserk Episode 12.
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You are watching Berserk Episode 12.
Episode 12 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Yeti got rekt :/

  • Lpwn Wolf

    It’s so creepy that the same music plays as Griffith saves her from being raped and later one when he rapes her…

  • Thorin Oakenshield

    It’ll be even more good without this fanservice with Casca tho’


      He won hard fight he deserved an award.

  • Adam Blaze

    I don’t know. I liked berserk more when it was the war and growing in rank rather than all this demonic and monster stuff. I think it was really good before all that. Though I know that was the original direction to do all that.


      I must agree here.
      While I enjoyed watching Guts wandering alone and slaying evil monsters, watching him wandering with his friends and slaying evil monsters isn’t as enjoyable.
      I prefered times when there were no monsters the most.

    • Rookii

      Exactly that’s the point, I’m pretty sure the author can write the best war manga ever but instead he writes this stuff for some reason in his soul and you have to respect that because no one could have done it better.

    • lil manny

      same i actually stopped cuz of the demon ,monster shit now im reading all

  • Ecce-no-Homo

    I think the Demons are more about guts and the Army stuff is more about griffith. If someone doesn like the demons he can see them metaphorically as symbols for Great threat. A guts of modern times would have to face equally great threats.

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