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Berserk Episode 13.
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Episode 13 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    You know I never would have thought that famale can went gay for male but… Charlotte did it somehow.

    • Sonimarioboom

      Nothing in that sentence made sense.

    • Serg

      Yet it is accurate. Hmmm…

    • HotLine Sanzensekai



        Idk, ask Charlotte.

  • Radovan Wolf

    >Ganishka tries to cuck Griffith
    >Gets turned into fucking Yggdrassil

    • cake

      fuck, I read it

  • ivy

    I’m glad to see Silat and his clan again. The emperor is terrible, though :/

  • mynamechef

    Everyone complaining about the bad guys being bad guys, are you from Africa cause Kenya not?

  • Saration

    Oh who would have guessed… it was just about Rapetime ^^’

    • sentient_potato

      good heavens look at the time

  • Druffy Spinkilingus

    So….is the emperor an apsostle?


      No, he can’t be, his tooths look very human.

      • Rashid Ruíz

        Looks more human than Mozguz

  • Serg

    I am developing a mathematical model to predict rape time in this manga.


      Take care you can develop autism instead XD

  • dr34mf0x

    look at that beautiful fanart collection. no joke, it actually is quite nice. but seriously, you didn’t embroider like, one normal thing? no flower, or just a tree or something? is it only griffith? how many griffiths did it take for you to get his face right? like before you got good at it? like haw many practice griffiths are we talking? how many shitty griffith embroideries are you hiding? show us the good stuff charlotte

    • bored’n’bagged

      I can show you my collection of Zodd crochet figurines dude.

      • dr34mf0x

        If you show my your collection of Zodd crochet figurines, I’ll show you all the Slan macaroni art I did.

        • bored’n’bagged

          Don’t go there man, that woman (?) kills me each time I see her on a panel. I know that she can tear me limb from limb and is probably composed entirely of troll entrails, but somehow she is the sexiest thing that I have ever come across in sequential art (yeah I know, ignoring the reptilian leather wings and the snake hair and the desire to destroy the physical world blah blah, I’m a fucking pathetic creature I know). If I were ever to make a dried pasta-based homage to her, it would be ten feet across and resemble some Geiger-esque mural to the dark arts.

          OK sorry, this is possibly my second most passionate ever conversation topic about Berserk. I will retreat to my hovel for the duration of this manga (until I muster enough Griffith-loathing to rant about him again).

          • dr34mf0x

            Who’s to say my macaroni art wasn’t ten feet across and Geiger-esque?


    I don’t get why he stopped with banging Charlotte when he learned the truth.
    He have should bang her with dual force instead so while Griffith would put his hands on her later she would scream “GREAT EMPEROR!”.
    Imagine Griffith face if it would happen.
    Worth any price.

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Why did he stop?

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