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Berserk Episode 17.
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Episode 17 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Good thing he isn’t feeling pain cuz to me… it looks fucking painful.

  • cake

    What’s the big deal? Just stick him with a few dozen blood bags and he should be good to go.

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    The hell the enemies keep leveling up every time I want to pat poor Guts head

  • Saration

    maybe i am the only one thinking like that… but i would not waste a second thought and enhance my body like that in a modern way! No pain and limetless possibilities? Sign me in!

    • Tyler Piestrak

      theirs been mach suits in the making that would give you limitless strength but it would be fucking heavy as in when you wear this it would be more like a tank/car hell i even heard about a Gundum being made in japen

  • El ViejoHG

    The skull knight must be an empty armor by now

  • Urban Bourbon

    God damn, that X-ray bone break looks bad. I wouldn’t be able to keep fighting even if I couldn’t feel the pain.

  • Serg

    So he just takes the armor off and immediately dies from shock? Great magical fetish.

  • MuAHAha010

    Dude’s gonna drop a lot of Twinkling Titanite when Guts kills him.

  • Not worth it

    I like it how flora is just like, DEAL WITH IT.

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Miura fucking ruined Grunbeld apostle form with that face in his nose.

  • MessageBoardShadow

    Zod and Skull Knight just standing there watching the fight was hilarious.

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