Berserk Episode 18 English Dubbed

Berserk Episode 18.
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Episode 18 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    As if Guts wasn’t monsterous enough XD

  • David Gibbons

    I think that is why Guts will have a white streak in his hair right?

    • cake

      Wait, seriously? That’s faggy…

  • ivy

    I see, so it has a dangerous weakness

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    His true form is a mad dog

    • Dubbed


  • Pyro Nagus

    Gutts’ thought process: Ya’know what? I’m too tired to walk over to him and…shit… I got all this excess strength so fuck it… I’m just gonna vault over my own goddamn sword cause that’s how much of a badass I am!

  • Saration

    *Helmet turns into Demonform and Guts vaults over his Sword.* The Way he jumps and strikes in one single flowing move… Artorias is that you?

    • ChronoScale

      Artorias was based off of Guts

    • Serg

      Omg I think you are correct. Guts seem too have Artorias move set. O_O So to beat him you just have to bait the jump attack, get a few slashes in and go on the defensive.

  • Urban Bourbon

    KONO POWA!!!

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