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Berserk Episode 19.
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Episode 19 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Be prepared for round 2 bitch.

    • nadinucca

      That’s some badass armor Guts got. (Still wondering how he can even stand up, though!)


        He can swing huge ass sword so armor is nothing to him.

        • nadinucca

          Yeah, I mean after all those injuries and exhaustion and, well, collapsing like five minutes before fighting. LOL

  • ivy

    “You’re a weakling, you don’t deserve to be on the battlefield” – says the coward who’s an apostle fighting an injured man -_-

    The armor looks amazing though, I hope Guts beats them

    • Saration

      isn’t it always like that? he DEMANDS a 1on1 honorable fight while Guts is learly injured and without him even wearin’ an Armour… of course Grunbeld knows that this fight is more then uneven… he’s coward hiding behind his pretend-Honor….

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    With Gut’s and black skull armors we’ll soon have The Power Rangers

  • Yuri Lee Pizmeov

    The original design of the berserker’s armor with the skull helmet is so cool, but I’ve grown used to the dog visage helmet of later on. Pretty neat though.

  • Serg

    ROUND 2 MF~!!!

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Fuck off, Grunbeld, the man just beat a fucking member of the god hand and you are calling him a weakling?

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