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Berserk Episode 19

Berserk Episode 19.
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You are watching Berserk Episode 19.
Episode 19 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • Draco Magnius

    “Not only have I come unforgivably late, but I appear to have gotten my lady’s chamber all wet.” I can’t be the only one whose mind traveled to a really dirty place after that line can I?


    ,,Make it fun, make it stimulating”
    He is the man!

    • sentient_potato

      alpha as fuck

    • OwO_whats_this?

      I literally made an account here just to like your comments


        Damn… without some of you guys I would have never known how fabulous my shit posts are.

  • ivy

    that was mean…

    • RenoEx

      That was beyond mean that was fucked up

  • Sephora

    And now, let the “Kick the Griffith” games begin…

  • Thorin Oakenshield

    Without a doubt he’s a very charsmatic character… *facepalm*


    I’ll swap him for lameffith any time. to me monkeyman here has been more charismatic in fewer chapters than the whole Griffith plot until now.

  • Adam Blaze

    This piece of shit. Gut better kill him

  • Ecce-no-Homo

    I guess he is… Death by hellfire is also very charismatic, awe inspiring, gets your attention. Why, because death is. Awe as for detecting things that can potentially mean your death (like great power).

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Being an apostle must be cool as fuck.

  • GreenShinobiX

    Wow, the king really declined hard in one year. Reminds me of an old family friend who went from looking 60 to looking 90 almost overnight.

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