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Berserk Episode 22.
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Episode 22 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Yeah Guts and his inhuman durability.
    Soon we will see why this manga is called berserk hehe.

    • Radovan Wolf

      It´s not like Miura planned for Berserk armour from beginning

      • Magusar

        Don’t know man, he did plan for the entire Golden Age before starting the first chapter, he could have planned the Berserk armor the same way

  • ivy

    Did Slan die?

    • Tom


    • somahiro

      i think she lost something akin to a foothold in the realworld , by materializing herself and then getting her ass kicked, resulted in the banishment of that area

    • HotLine Sanzensekai

      Nope, that wasn’t even her real body.

  • Tom

    Not at all. Probably wasn’t even hurt.

  • Saration

    I hope Flora made it out alive… but i am pretty sure she havn’t, though… ._.

  • James Hill

    Guts uses a fucking chain to sheath his sword… Thats dope

  • MessageBoardShadow

    Was shanked in the soul, Guts ” I’m just dizzy”

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