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Berserk Episode 3.
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Episode 3 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • CJL420


    • Shreker

      Don’t worry, it gets even better after episode 6, and after episode 10 I don’t know who wouldn’t be binge watching this.


    No pls don’t draw him back it looks cool.

  • cake

    “Oh shit, there it is” was exactly what we all were thinking.

  • sentient_potato

    i just kind of jumped here from the anime because i heard the manga was better but i dont remember the little black haired girl who is she

    • somahiro

      Ppl say it’s the ugly fetus

      • sentient_potato

        yeah at this point i read the manga i know what it is now kind of its guts and cascas child spirit manifestation while Griffith used its real body for his rebirth

        • Aristos

          Why the fuck would you post a spoiler like that?

          • sentient_potato

            its not a spoiler re read the manga and actually pay attention

          • Aristos

            No, Griffith used the egg shaped apostle to be reborn. It’s not for certain yet that the black haired girl is their kid, you confirming that based on later chapters is just being douchey

          • Serg

            It’s a boy. O_O

          • HotLine Sanzensekai

            Girl? He has a penis. It’s a boy.

          • not me

            this is my first time reading through took me about three seconds to figure that its their kid, Christ its not a spoiler if three year old could figure out the plot twist, here is the logic i used, random child shows up without explanation and casca goes running off to find it just like she used to do with the mangled demon fetus, kid just so happens to look exactly like casca and forms bond with both casca and guts immediately, also my suspicions were confirmed when it showed some aptitude for controlling evil crocks in defense of mother, besides that any alternative would be more likely but less helpful to driving the plot and less interesting to the readers, and then there is the whole lost blood trope exploited by so many epics like for instance star wars. the child’s existence doesn’t make any sense and in any fictitious setting convenience trumps simplicity and smashes occams razor to dust. some random lost child is simple however it being their kid is convenient. this is honestly why i get tired of media nothing surprises you because you’ve seen it all done before. everyone relies on a collective mythos both the creators and the consumers are drawing on the same store of experience. and because its a narrative we’re comfortable in its successful and propagates. its why shit pop music and crappy big budget movies and bland anime all exist. defy my expectations let casca get attached to the child only to reveal it already has a loving family, provide a morally difficult situation for guts to navigate not just a physically challenging one, show that her desperation in losing her child has led her to becoming emotionally attached to something she cant have and how that loss will crush her. make it known to guts that the reincarnation of Griffith is half his and her child and let him also wrestle with the implications of killing his own son to kill his worst enemy.

          • Aristos

            cool story bro. I really don’t care to be honest. The point is, sure, it’s heavily hinted at that the kid is Gut’s kid. I got that. Like you said, a 3 year old could get that. But it’s not confirmed. There’s mystery left, where the story could evolve and change and something else could happen. Confirming it to be true by someone who’s read way ahead of you and knows what happens is the spoiler. Let the reader figure things out for themselves.

  • Serg

    Bad ass mode activate!. *helmet slide* *roar*

  • dr34mf0x

    and in a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one…

  • 🍐 simple pear 🦎

    what exactly did slan do to guts to hurt him so much? i remember it was just a panel of guts with a huge gash and blood spurting out, but it’s not really clear what slan did…

    • Wom Tilliams

      She just cut him pretty bad I think?

    • Yuri Lee Pizmeov

      she cut his ethereal form, or his spirit. Therefore his wounds are more than just flesh-deep

  • not me

    made it 241 chapters plus the pre stuff without breaking my silence

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