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Berserk Episode 5.
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Episode 5 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Panel with Guts killing those three crocodiles looks extraordinary beautiful.
    I wish my drawing skills would be like 1/10 of berserk author skills.

    • Radovan Wolf

      Basically every pannel where Guts swinging Dragonslayer whilst his cloak wavers in reaction to the movement looks extraordinary.

    • cake

      Dude writes the story, too.

      Basically with guys like that around we don’t even deserve to pass our genes.



    • Vegeta

      be a damn shame if he dies of old age before finishing the manga tho


        Yeah I feel like he will die before manga end.
        And I’m not even joking. Just look how long it took for Guts group to set foot on elf island since they started sailing. It was 8 years I believe?

      • comedy of terrors

        dude’s only like, fifty. he’s got some years left.

        • LelouchViBritannia

          and japan is a place where most people get pretty old.

          • Serg

            Except… you know. North Korea.

        • dausnes

          Miura is 51 years old. So yes, he’s still has like three decades left in his calendar. Hopefully four.

        • HotLine Sanzensekai

          He is a mangaka. He will probably die from some disease related to stress or heart before he hits 60.

    • Balint Szabo

      the artstyle is one of many reasons berserk is deservingly overhyped and mentioned by many that are into mangas.

    • ivy

      True, Kentaro Miura is very talented

  • Pyro Nagus

    Isidro is that kid that learns one move and spams it in fighting games…

    • somahiro

      i look forward to his next combo

  • Griffourth
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