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Berserk Episode 5

Berserk Episode 5.
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    And it would never have happened if Guts wouldn’t touch Griffith.
    Griffith gay nature is powerful weapon.

  • nadinucca

    I’m still a bit stumped by Griffith’s thoughts here. Is he willing Guts not to touch him because he doesn’t want to hurt his friend? Or is it because he thinks Guts might mess up the transformation? Is he worried about Guts’s safety or his own?

    • The Real Tobi (Cana)

      Best explanation I’ve found

      “Stay away… Stay away!!!”

      And there he was, the reason for this whole mess as far as Griffith was concerned. The one who with a single gesture could melt his heart or drive him mad. The one who abandoned him and left him to rot in prison for year, and now came back to do it all over again. The one person he could not let himself be near, and the one person who, despite all this, he could not let go. To make matters worse, Guts had all the Hawks on his tail. Griffith couldn’t bear to face them right now, he just couldn’t!

      “If you touch me now… If you put your arm on my shoulder now… I’ll never… I’ll never!!…”

      He knew he was highly unstable, that the slightest touch could send him over the edge, but Guts was stubborn, and the fact that Griffith couldn’t speak didn’t help. And then, that final warning before everything went to Hell:

      “I’ll never be able to (forgive) you again.” (forgive) is the implied word left out of the fragmented sentence spoken by Griffith, translated as “(I) will never again …. you”

      Forgive what? Forgive Guts for leaving? “Again”?? Would that mean that the first time Griffith forgave Guts was during the reunion in the dungeon? But I guess Griffith had his limits. He would not tolerate his heart being broken twice. The Behelit wept tears of blood and uttered an unearthly scream that plunged everyone in the immediate vicinity into another plane of existence.

      • Thorin Oakenshield

        It’s really make sense afterall what had happend

        • bored’n’bagged

          I need to stop reading this manga so much man, I keep accidentally writing long comments. Damn you Miura-sensei for making me think about deep shit

          • Thorin Oakenshield

            Same here 🙂

      • bored’n’bagged

        That melodramatic explanation is based on no evidence from the manga. It looks like it’s written by some fujoshi who really wants to imagine Griffith as a byronic hero. Griffith tries to kill himself and the behelit returns at his lowest moment. after seeing guts running to him, he doubts his will summon the Godhand. he had already been daydreaming about what could have been if he’d abandoned his dream. He could have led a nice live with casca and kids and memories of fun with the Hawks. By the time guts reaches him, the Eclipse had already started and Griffith’s soul is lost.

        • Thorin Oakenshield

          Yes, thank you!
          Your expalanation reasonable enough. But I guees the previous guy was right as well in trying to understand Groffith’s feeings towards Guts at that moment. Afterall it’s always was kind of on the edge of homosexuallity and utter desire to possesss this man as a thing or a personal toy (puppet knight). Though I liked your point more of course. Actually I think only author himself can explain what does all the little details means in every particular situation because there is too many ways of understanding it and to interpret it of course.

          • bored’n’bagged

            Yeah for sure on a purely biological level there is no doubt that Griffith is gay or bi and was really hot for Guts from the start. I can see why some people get so caught up in the homoerotic aspects of berserk. maybe if Griffith just told guts that he loved him then sure he’d lose his dream, but would gain a hot sexy brick shithouse of a boyfriend. And pippin and Judeau wouldn’t end up writhing in eternal agony in the maelstrom of hell. Actually fuck you Griffith, shove your fucking dream up your arse and fuck off while you’re at it.

          • Thorin Oakenshield

            Very true! 🙂 My hate to Griffith grow stronger every time I read Berserk again. Also I wouldn’t say that I appriciate all this homo theme with Guts/Griffith relationship. 10 years ago when I read this manga the first time I couldn’t even think of it really. I didn’t see it coming at all…But when I became older I started to notice all this little aspects between the words you know and to tell you the truth I was disappointed. I can’t accept it that is. But then again it’s how it is. It’s not my manga afterall 🙂 Let’s hope Kentaro will create a thoughtfull ending of this amazing story that took half of his life to write!

          • bored’n’bagged

            Homoeroticism is pretty standard in Japanese artistic media of all kinds, I’m not sure what there is to dislike about it. I like that romantic relationships don’t have to be written in a heterosexual-centric way anymore. If it challenges the though processes of Berserk demographic (I’m guessing 90 % hetero males), it’s a good thing. Maybe even Hakusensha wanted there to be some potential josei demographic interest so persuaded Miura-sensei to make Griffith like a cute bishonen uke. Who knows?

          • Thorin Oakenshield

            I don’t have anything against homoeroticism itself actually. It’s just I’m heterosexual person and simply wouldn’t be interested in pairings rather then classical male/female partners. That’s it. I think the hole idea of Griffith’s being bishonen character seems to me doubtful in the first place. But I guess back then it was quite a popular character type. About female readers though it’s not exactly correct. In Russia here’s a lot of female fans of this manga. Like really a hole bunch of them! I know because I often read Berserk on Russian manga and comics popular site called “Readmanga”. And there’s too many female commentators if you ask me 🙂 It makes reading this manga even more interesting and fun.

          • bored’n’bagged

            That’s really interesting that Russian women like Berserk, it’s great! Because in the West we tend to put a lot of emphasis on queer subtext that may not even be there, especially pointless in 1990s manga which do not portray certain groups of people well; women are often feminised and infantilised and Berserk is no exception, and gay people appear as warped exotic burlesque rather than three-dimensional characters. In the 90s Japan was (and still is, similar to Russia maybe,) not a good place for social liberties for women, gay people etc. so the manga industry depicts women and gay people in problematic ways for western readers, and often the inclusion of a female or gay character is serving a purpose that isn’t related to diversity. Miura’s own insensitivity and lack of knowledge about LGBT people and women, and his possible need to please Hakusensha (e.g. with needless depictions of highly eroticised rape of women in the manga) probably stopped when he became more famous, and also when he grew older since he has been writing Berserk for nearly thirty years. The Millennium and Fantasia arcs have much more genuine and varied female character development (Scheme, Flora, Sonia, Farnese, the Elf King is in fact female etc.), possibly because Miura-sensei has developed in a world which is much more inclusive.

          • Thorin Oakenshield

            Thank you very much for this commentary! I totally agree with you on this point. By the way you can’t even imagine how many girls and women are reading yaoi manga on Russia! It’s insane really. There’re so many Russian scanlation groups which translates only yaoi and shounen ai genres. God, I hate that! When you open the site page with manga and you see tons of countless yaoi titles…I’m not a fan really 🙂 As I said in Russian it’s very-very popular genre among girls and I believe women too. Actually they have most human numbers among other readers.

          • Gudgirl247

            Sorry to butt in but I’m a female and I love this!! One of the first manga I came across was fist of the North Star when I was around 8 or 9 years old. So I’ve always been into, I guess you could say, somewhat ‘violent’ manga.
            I can say with confidence that it wasn’t Griffith girly face that attracted me to this manga. I’m not a dyke.
            It was definitely Guts cutting People up with his gigantic sword….. what can I say…. guess I’m just the kinda girl that likes her men to be manly…..

          • bored’n’bagged

            I am sure that women like violent manga, I was saying that it’s very unlikely that women want to read manga where women are depicted solely to be raped in the narrative for shock value. Or for depictions of rape to be eroticised. Or for female characters to exist to be attacked purely as plot motivation for male characters. I meant also that subtext that hints at Griffith and guts having a uke/seme type relationship may have been added to generate interest to a female demographic. This kind of pairing is exclusive to josei manga. I apologise if it seemed that I was saying that women read berserk because Griffith is pretty. That is absolutely not what i think. Griffith is pretty because, like in macbeth, it is particularly perverse if attractive people are evil

          • Tewthy

            “but would gain a hot sexy brick shithouse of a boyfriend.”

            And then lol’d ceaselessly into the night.

        • Samuel Levin

          Thanks for the comments, appreciate reading these as I have a hard time understanding some of this.

    • ryaan Asady

      I think at the end of the day we cant truly and fairly judge griffith unless we were in his exact position. Bare in mind griffith is a product of his time and world he lives in. He is also a very ambitious man with a dream but he is also a human with needs and feelings and that was his downfall. Instead of taking care of both his ambition and humanity, he focused solely on his ambition and neglected his humanity. Meeting guts brought griffith to his humanity but when guts left him. Well griffith wasnt able to deal with it because he couldnt handle it. Getting tortured, and losing his power also took away his ambition so now he was nothing. But then four powerful beings appear before him and offer him absolute power in exchange for his humanity and freinds. so he
      sacrificed his humanity for his ambition. Selfish but truly human.


    Even Pippin is terrified like never before.

  • polalotra

    Read this chapter while listening to inferno(berserk 2016 opening)

  • Roel Blok
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