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Berserk Episode 7.
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Episode 7 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Skull knight also wanted to see sea.

    • somahiro

      quite moving , my feelings go to skully

      • Jonathan Swavely


  • Radovan Wolf

    I hope Miura incorporates more of these cycle-like happenings

    • ChronoScale

      What do you mean by that?

      • bored’n’bagged

        He means that Skull Knight wore the armour with flora as his medium to defeat the Godhand. This is being repeated by guts and schierke to defeat Griffith

  • nadinucca

    I really hope Casca gets her sanity back sometimes soon because all her “ooos” and “aaaas” are driving me crazy.

    • Vegeta

      it was kind of funny when she was licking plates earlier, when farneze was asking to be a witch.

    • Saration

      It would be nice to see her fightin’ again as proud and stubborn as before… 🙂

      • nadinucca

        Yeah, I would really like to see that! I’m also curious to see how she reacts when she sees Guts again and actually recognizes him (I’m supposing that will happen!). Will she remember what they had together? Will she remember the eclipse?

        • Saration

          I hope that’ll be a long and precisly written scene!

  • David Gibbons

    I think that Casca will hate hate Guts when she get her mind back. Just because Gut’s life is shit, and always will be.

    • cake

      Also, he almost raped her twice.

      • ChronoScale

        I thought he actually raped her

    • Always been an unhappy woman, don’t forget. First intercourse with the not fully black swordsman, she throws herself to die in a waterfall. Oops, memory returning, that was before, but she was still an unhappy bitch even after. That’s Guts Life.

  • ivy

    I really hope it works and Casca returns to normal

  • Takeru

    The perspective of seeing Casca healthy again hits me right in the feels.

  • Kevin1214

    I just want Casca back!… and Griffith dead

  • Serg

    Elf King the Therapist: But how does the Eclipse makes YOU feel?
    Casca: Ooooo aaaauuuuu.
    But seriously can we please get Casca back already?


      LOOOL bruh

  • dr34mf0x


  • Dvir Arazi

    Yes! Finally Casca is going to return! (Hopefully)

  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    Damn Guts, always making the lolis wet.
    Also, Griffith will probably kill the Elf Queen and destroy Elfhelm and Casca will continue to be a potato.

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