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Berserk Episode 8.
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Episode 8 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    ,,The mostly black swordsman” LMFAO

  • cake

    I fucking hate that hair. Dye it black again, you homo.

    • Pyro Nagus

      I love how the spectrum of some people’s perception of homoerotism expands even to the natural part of every person’s ageing process.

      • cake

        I bet you don’t even have your prostate checked every other week, you faggot.

        • Saration

          How about you try to grow up and accept that at first Homosexuality is something ABSOLUTLY NORMAL! and second just because someone has a style or a habit that is in your eyes not 100% “manly” he is NOT A GAY PERSON automatically!
          Intolerant bastard…

          • Pyro Nagus

            I don’t think he’s concerned about that. Due to the fact that many gay males are feminine, we’ve come to associate homosexuality with femininity. A patch on the top of your head is a weird place to start graying, I’ll admit. So it looks like he dyed it white like many feminine gay people do.

            Since we see Gutts as a bastion of unapologetic and alpha masculinity, that sprinkle of femininity on his head is unwelcome and kinda ruins his image, at least in cake’s eyes. I try to see it as a sign of stress and tragedy, which is what it is.

          • cake

            Are people really this retarded

        • Pyro Nagus

          That’s a fair assumption. But man did it take you a long time to think of a comeback.
          Lol, seriously though, I love it. Starting from this day on, I’ll call everything I don’t like gay. Even and especially when it’s wildly irrelevant to homosexuality.
          Watch A SLAP ON TITAN 05: Genocide & Juice on youtube and skip to 8:45

          • Marcos

            aprox how old is guts here?

          • Pyro Nagus

            Good question! Wiki?

            Wiki: 24.

            Hmmm…he looks more in his thirties but that adds to my point. Stress causes premature aging.

          • Marcos

            I have a friend he’s around 26 he already has full grey hair damn



        • Aristos

          Just admit that you love sucking dick, you know deep down you do

          • cake

            What kinda faggot doesn’t suck dick? Nigga you hella gay

          • Alex Rango

            >people not realizing the joke
            man this niggas hella gay lmao

    • ryaan Asady

      aahh homophobia. the weapon of the illiterate intolerant idiot

  • ivy

    Mostly black swordsman, lol. I like the way relationships are forming among the group, and the people are becoming closer and more used to each other. Even Guts seemed sort of content in this chapter. It’s nice 🙂


      It’s kinda crazy but there’s like 4 “POTENTIAL” couples between all the characters now.. even though some would disturb ethical “lines” lol

      • ASDW

        I like it too but I’m so fucking scared Guts might lose them :'(

  • Pyro Nagus

    Awww…poor Skull Night’s cold, lonely and wants to snuggle up in the shack with the rest of them.

  • somahiro

    skinny guts makes me sad 🙁

    • Dvir Arazi

      relatively skinny, that is

  • Notthefuhrer

    Serpico always cracks me up XD

  • Serg

    Off White swordsman?

  • dr34mf0x

    Gut’s proud father smile is a light in these trying times

  • James Hill
  • HotLine Sanzensekai

    This chapter was funny.

  • ScurrFace

    dem feels

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