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Berserk Episode 8

Berserk Episode 8.
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Episode 8 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Griffith spotted his prey.

    • Thorin Oakenshield

      Even now Griffith’s a complete asshole…

  • ivy

    Things are starting to get bad

  • Thorin Oakenshield

    What a doucehbag this Griffith. It’s all started because of him. It is all his fault! And now he blame everyone else except himself…


    Griffith did his choices regardless what people opinion is right or wrong.
    he’s a narcissist psychopath he fits all the boxes, when finally he had an equal a so called friend he treated him like an object, even if that friend of yours was dying inside following you blindly. ( if you love me let me go ) something psychopath don’t really understand regardless of the way it gets explained to them.
    Now after what happened to him is ALL HIS FAULT but in his mind he blames Guts because he need a scapegoat. he can’t accept his weakness he need to blame others. and now that is a crippled and sees Casca and Guts more n less happy he gets his possessiveness and jealousy take over, clearly from the way he looks at them he doesn’t like them being together because that means they’re not HIS anymore.
    from his POV and his morals he’s right ! but the POV of a narcissistic, manipulator, psychopath. he’s behaviour is bit too far even for the world they live in. if he was mentally sane but witnessed a lot of fucked up shit he’d be similar to guts in behaviour.

    • Ecce-no-Homo

      So far i saw him as a little bit more on the psychopath-end of that spectrum, because he seemed more about control than about attention/strokes/narcissistic supply but the way he selfdestructed after Guts escaped him looked more narcissistic. Don’t know the later chapters but so far I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets even more complex than that….
      Hewould be If he actually would form some greater alliance of kingdoms in the End like the kings who unified england and germany…

      • Ecce-no-Homo

        Guts is more like a guy that could have easiely turned out a Psychopath,but had one anchorperson/fatherfigure that sent him on a slightly more productive/usefull track, he actually wanted griffith to give a good reason to his killings in the beginning… Guts seemed to knew he was a killer and looked for some higher goal that would give those violent efforts a cause?!

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