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    Griffith fucked up whole world and now he will be acting as it’s savior.
    Tell me about irony.

    • Radovan Wolf

      The world getting fucked up was the wish of that one guy that rot away in a hole under the tower of conviction,remember?


        Yes but it was Griffith who caused it.

  • David Gibbons

    Yeah when you think Griffith is the one who plunged the world in a dark age.

    • Pyro Nagus

      And to think it all started by Guts leaving the band.

      • ChronoScale

        Well it actually all started by Griffith fucking the princess

        • Pyro Nagus

          Which was caused by Guts leaving him which was caused by Griffith running his mouth off when talking to Charlotte.

          • Marcus Grech

            I would rather say, it did not depend on Guts or Griffith, it was part of there fate. Griffith was bound to the crimson behelit and this behelit was bound to the 5th angel, “Femto”, what is Griffith. So, not important what would have happened, the outcome would have been the same.

            Just remember the words of Nosferatu Zodd:
            “If you consider this man your true friend, and regard him as a brother, then know this. When this man’s ambition crumbles, it is your destiny to face your death. A death you can never escape!”

          • Pyro Nagus

            According to the old witch, fate is a presented path to humanity; a path that can be rejected. Guts is living proof of that.

            Gutts lived in spite of Zodd’s prediction, which pleased him, as he says in the battle at the sword graveyard.

          • Marcus Grech

            That’s right, the path can be rejected. But in my humble opinion, everything that happened till now, is still preordained by destiny.

            Guts destiny was to become the warrior against the demons, by his birth on the battlefield from a death corps, his mother. The eclipse was preordained, also as the survival of Guts and Casca to the second eclipse and his outcome, until now, where Guts steps into the footsteps of the Skull knight as wearer of the Berserker Armor. Thats why Flora knew, that Guts and his new band will come, long before it happend.

            And yes, Guts lived in spite of Zodd’s prediction, but Zodd didn’t knew Guts and his fate, neither did he knew Griffith. He did just knew about the crimson behelit. So his talking about what happened with Griffith, because of the behelit, was a prophecy of fate. That Guts die, was his prediction, what will happen, because Guts was bound to Griffith, but it wasn’t a prophecy neither fate or destiny. It was,just as you said, a prediction.

          • Indeed

            Do u just always switch which account u use when u reply to comments?

          • Pyro Nagus

            Lol, that would be very inconvenient. Nah, the creation of Not Me was an accident.

  • ivy

    It’s nice that the priest learned to be more tolerant 🙂 the troll face thing was sort of cute, though

  • Saration

    I can’t belive that Griffith who caused all this mess will be the good patron to the people…

  • Randy S.

    Qlipoth ?? Reminds me of yu-gi-oh card deck

  • Serg

    Puck: GUTS! I turned myself into a hurricane! I am Hurricane Puck!~

  • Wom Tilliams

    Ummm, so all this dawdling definitely means rape time huh..:

  • Not worth it

    I like the priest even more now.

  • Rashid Ruíz

    Dickbutt lol

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